Friday, August 30, 2013

FO Friday: Baked

but not frosted. Second prototype for a crocheted cowl. This one worked in the round. Previous version worked side to side. 

Pattern in the works, probably for the first version. The yarn is Quince & Co. Osprey, 100g/170yds, in Crow and Egret colors. 

Wondering about the buttons.

This version doesn't require them, but the side to side version, which is unseamed, will.

Vintage? Modern? Red? Blue? Something else?

And, oh, by the way, nature is not cooperating on the lighting--we've had three days and nights of heavy fog--thus the less than lovely phone photos. And, oh, by the way, I am way too lazy to set up the light tent and the lights.

To see the fully baked FO's this week, visit Tami's Amis FO Friday.


  1. Cute cowl. I'd also look at chunky black buttons or even silvery military metal buttons.

  2. wow this is a gorgeous cowl; I would use either military silver or something in a nice wood!! Have a creative weekend xx

  3. Awesome cowl! Love the blue buttons.

    Here's my FO: