Friday, August 23, 2013

F is for Finished

Pattern now available.
Free on ravelry.
One thing that is finished is the pattern for the scarf I posted in FOF a couple of weeks ago.  Absaroka is available as a free pdf download on ravelry. The stitch pattern is easy but yields an interesting texture that looks good on both sides and is appropriate for both men and women. It's a nice one-skein project for 180-200 yards(165-185m)of a heavy worsted or aran weight yarn. The sample was knit in Berocco Lustra, a 50-50 Wool-Tencel blend.

Note to self: remember to hit the Activate key on ravelry once the pdf is loaded otherwise the download link won't be there. Duh! The link is there now. Can I blame my mental lapse on the Blue Moon or was it just a shortage of 

Second thing that is finished this week is the Wild Iris cowl. Another winner from The Book of Cowls by Sivia Harding. I bought this e-book on faith on the strength of the first pattern (Sublimity). I rarely knit more than one item from any book, and I have cast-on for the first three as soon as each pattern was released--and have completed them all.

My wardrobe runs to earth-toned solid colors in extremely simple shapes, so I enjoy having a lot of cowls and scarves to choose from so that I don't disappear into the treescape  So far the cowls have involved interesting textures with Sivia's signature beading. Two have used Moebius construction.

For this one I used red beads with gold metallic luster, which give just a bit of sparkle. The button is one of a set of four I bought a couple of years ago which never found a good use until now. Good thing I never got into stockpiling buttons the way I stockpiled yarn. Then again, they would take up lots less space.

If you've made this far, jump on over to Tami's Amis to see what the others have completed this week.


  1. Beautiful cowl!! Must investigate the e-book.

  2. It's well worth it. The three patterns issued so far (of a total of seven) have been very interesting to knit, and it's a good use for special skeins. Sivia Harding's pattern directions are very detailed, with both line by line instructions and clear charts.

  3. That cowl is gorgeous. I like the architectural feel of the basketweave-looking stitches. Sometimes all lace is altogether too much for me :) Now I have to go look for that eBook!

  4. So far, the cowls in the book feature very interesting construction and textures. Not much lace, just enough beads.Things are looking up for my fall and winter wardrobe:)

  5. Do you answer questions about your patterns? I am a holiday knitter, capable but a little hesitant to do the math on making this the absaroka longer. This is for a 45 inch scarf. Do you know how many stitches I would need to cast on for about a 60 inch scarf?

    Beautiful work!

    1. I sent you a more extensive answer which I hope you received. The short answer is Cast On 62 more stitches, or 250 total.

    2. Thank you, Kathleen. I am not sure where to look for your longer response….I rarely use google for communication (was actually surprised I had an account from which I could write you last night!). Could you send your response to:

      Thank you for your help. I am glad that I will get to work with this pattern.