Monday, August 5, 2013

Cool Tool 4

Pin it up. Pin it down. These Clover bamboo pins are becoming a favorite tool. 

First of all, they are cute. They look knitting needles for gnomes. Little green gnomes who care about renewable resources. Bamboo grows more like a weed than an actual weed.

Exclusive pin holder is an old swatch.

Second, cuteness is not enough. These are very handy for pinning together pieces of work in progress to see how it's coming along.

Best of all, they are excellent for pinning together pieces in preparation for seaming. 

Sneak peek at soon to be FO.

I'm sure they have other uses as well. In a pinch, they could function as a shawl or sweater pin, be used for poking holes in gift tags, serve to decorate a birthday cupcake for a crafter, be  carried to a party to use as an emergency hors d'oeuvre spear or drink stirrer. 

If you can think of anything else, please leave a comment. 

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