Friday, August 9, 2013

Can't Get FO Satisfaction

Two small finished items this week: prototypes for a neck warmer/scarf pattern. Two sizes, both are one-skein projects.

When something is as simple as this, every detail counts, and there is one more go around until I'm satisfied with the border.

Not exactly rocket science, but taxing enough for my ever-dwindling brain cells.

Look for one more version, plus pattern in a week or two.

Look for many more finished projects at Tami's Amis FO Friday.


  1. Simple and sweet! What yarns did you use?

  2. Both are worsted weight.

    The red is Berocco Lustra, 190 yds an alpaca-tencel blend with great sheen and drape. The gray is cashmere, 135 yds, Paradisus from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, which is not one of her usual yarns--it is a special one for her Knitting Club (a 6 month yarn club).

  3. Love the first one. The color is gorgeous!