Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The Knitgrrl herself
I've had the pleasure of having patterns with essays published in the two What Would Madame Defarge Knit volumes published by Cooperative Press

Shannon Okey, aka Knitgrrl,is a real innovator in craft publishing, especially on the digital side. Cooperative Press titles reflect the creative visions of the individual knit and crochet designers, not a corporate editorial board.

Her business model is innovative as well, and designers are well compensated.
Take a look at the gallery, and sign up for the mailing list for a chance to win a prize. (E-mails are only sent with real news and offers, so they won't be cluttering up your mail box.)

If you are interested in subscribing to Knit Edge, Cooperative's digital quarterly, here's a message from Shannon with aspecial offer that expires the 22nd of August. 

If you are not yet a subscriber to our magazine Knit Edge, issue four comes out next month. Take out a one year-subscription now and you'll not only get three jam-packed issues per year, but you'll help provide us with the cashflow we need to keep things rolling. You'll also get a copy of issue three immediately on the autoresponder we've got set up.

Use the coupon shannonbook before next Friday and you'll get $1 off your subscription AND a digital copy of The Knitgrrl 9, my own pattern best-of, as well as a coupon for $2 off my new booklet on provisional cast ons and steeking, which will be out soon. (And naturally, you will get ALL my love and appreciation).

Been hesitating on a CP purchase, or want to try out a back issue of Knit Edge first? Check out our brand new shop!

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