Monday, August 12, 2013

Cast On & On & On & On Monday

Fourth time's a charm? I love Moebius knitting, but I am decidedly ambivalent about the actual Moebius cast on. I spent the better part of an afternoon casting on and on and on for this project. 

Cat Bordhi's video is explicit. I have used the Moebius cast on many times more than once. It isn't all that difficult. It even has its own logic. I love this design. I just knit a Moebius cowl a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't even listening to an audio book or binge watching Breaking Bad.

Wild Iris by Sivia Harding.
Spirit Trail Fiberworks Cashmere DK in "Carnelian."

The fault lies not in the stars, but in myself. I lose count. Repeatedly. I stick the needle into the wrong place to form the first row of stitches. I twist the working yarn around the needle and end up with a wonky non-stitch. I stop looking at the knitting. I start thinking about what's to serve for dinner that won't cause the newly minted vegan in the family to have a snit fit. I think about how nice the weather is after weeks of hazy, hot and humid. I think about what wardrobe items will be complemented by the new cowl.

Who needs mere sitting meditation? Sitting knitting reveals my monkey mind in hyper-action much more readily.

Glad to report that once cast on and joined, it is flying along. 

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