Thursday, October 2, 2014

Outlander-ish Fashion

It's Finished Object Friday and one of the benefits of ignoring my blog for months is that I have  a stockpile of finished items to post.  Fridays, here I come.

Although a fan of the books, I haven't ponied up for STARZ  to watch the time-traveing kilt-fest that is Outlander.  (I love you, hunky Jamie, but ten bucks a month on top of the outrageous amount I am already paying to watch murder and mayhem on other cable channels seems a bit steep.)

What I have seen are many versions of a knit cowl worn by Clare.  But those versions are knit, and I just don't like working with big, fat sticks. However, with some big, fat yarn and a big, fat hook, I whipped up a crocheted version.

Out of Time (cowl)

Here's how to make one of your own.

Yarn:  300 yards of Super Bulky.  I used the aptly named madelinetosh A.S.A.P.

Hook:  19 mm (S)

Chain 21 
Row 1 SC in second chain from hook and SC across (20 sts). Turn. 
Row 2 Chain 1, SC TBL (through the back loop)across. Turn. 
Repeat Row 2 until almost out of yarn, leaving enough for the slip stitch seaming. (I had enough for 38 rows or 19 ribs.) 
Lay flat twist. 

Seam with slip stitch, working TBL of last row and into the foundation chain.

Since this post was published, I tweaked the directions and you can download the updated pattern here:  Out of Time Cowl.

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