Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Greetings from Planet Narcissus

It's been a long few months but autumn is a time for new beginnings and though I've been gone from this space, I haven't forgotten about it.  And, I am shocked to discover, people still come over and take a look.  Thank you.

It's WIP Wednesday, so here's a couple of the many, many unfinished items lurking about.

For the crocheters:  Treasures in the Sand wrap.  It's worked lengthwise in four main colors with one contrasting color.  I'm using Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Soot, Sap, Sweatshirt, (which are pictured from bottom to top) and in Woodsmoke and Fossil (which a ways from joining the party--those rows are lo-o-o-ng). It's fun to work because the stitches are varied every few rows.

For the knitters, and procrastinators:  Caissa cardigan.  I began this in February of 2013.  For shame! I have completed the back and the two fronts.  The sleeves remain to be seen.

Autumn is the time of old (very old) beginnings as well, and in the spirit of blogger narcissism, I will celebrate my birthday with a giveaway.

Wish me a happy birthday in the comments and then I will pluck the magic twanger and generate a random number and send that person a surprise.  Okay, this is a knit and crochet blog, I think you can guess that the surprise is going to be yarn.

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