Monday, October 6, 2014

Sew and Sew

It's not all about the yarn.  Sometimes the fabric makes me do it and I sew some curtains or pillow covers or tablecloths, or hem some yoga pants.  There was a time when I made most of my clothes.

Looking at the runway shows for Spring 2015 with their 70's vibe, (especially this one, swoon) I now wish I had some of those items, but if I did have everything I've ever worn and tossed my home would resemble a rainbow landfill, and the yarn closet is bad enough.

The only sewing blog I follow is the coletterie.  I enjoy her musings on wardrobe and style and there are loads of tutorials, tips and tricks.  She has just issued an e-book, The Colette Guide to Sewing Hems 100+ pages of excellent tutorials with extremely clear photos and it's free.

Colette Guide to Sewing Hems
I won't be whipping up one of her cute retro dresses or skirts any time soon, but I'm off to try some mitered corners on a linen tablecloth.  

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