Friday, October 24, 2014

Treasured Finish

Grabbed this to wear the other day with a light jacket.  Found out that it is really warm.  Too warm for the day I wore it.  Found out that it is easily squashed down into a bag, without weighing it down. Will be just the thing in a week or two when November rolls around.

Pattern:  Treasures in the Sand Wrap by Susan Carlson. Clear directions, and great styling photos.

Yarn:  Brooklyn Tweed Loft in (from the top): Fossil, Woodsmoke, Sweatshirt, Soot, and Sap (contrast and edging). Those names. Hand me my axe. I always feel like I should be wearing hiking boots when I knit with Brooklyn Tweed yarns. 

(ravelry project page)

I was on a mission to finish off all the things I didn't get to over the summer, but this pattern grabbed me and wouldn't let go.  I had Loft on hand in various neutrals and away I went.  Excellent crocheting project for TV.

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