Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All in All

We don't need no Yarn control . . .
All in all, it's just another WIP in the wall.

(With apologies to Pink Floyd, but not really all that apologetic because I now have a major ear worm from thinking that this stitch pattern looked like bricks.)

Needed to give my hands a break from knitting, so I started a crocheted infinity scarf I've  been thinking about since last winter. Started out thinking it looked like bricks, but not so sure now. Half of it is completed, so don't be surprised if it shows up on Friday as a 
finished item. With any luck, my ear worm will have played itself out. Listen if you dare.

I'll just focus on the cushy yarn (Quince & Co. Lark in "Lichen") and on Tami's Amis where I   can take a look at everyone else's works in progress.


  1. Nice stitch pattern! It looks like it will have a wonderful texture when finished.

  2. Lovely stitch pattern and yarn colour :)