Friday, November 22, 2013

A Selfie-ish FO Friday

As much as I love yarn, I love words more, and was delighted to read that the Oxford Dictionaries has already named its 2013 Word of the Year: selfie--even though I've been doing more of one of the runner-up words lately:binge-watch;)

Yes, acknowledgement for the picture-taking method beloved by knitters and crocheters who've been doing it for longer than the term has had wide currency. Many of those selfies, of course, are of the "taking a picture in the bathroom mirror with a camera or smartphone appearing where one's face would be" sort. I am so glad my phone now has both front and back cameras.  

I read about it in Nancy Friedman's blog about words, Frittinancy, which I recommend. It is very funny and I particularly enjoy her comments on business names. 

As for the FO portion of the title, the free pattern is up on ravelry for the Sweet Teeth Crocheted Cowl that appeared previously as a Finished Object.

For the selfie: also finished the Fisher Hill Crocheted Cowl, and am in the process of writing that one up as well. This was begun and finished so fast that it hasn't even made it into my ravelry notebook. 

Too bad about Daylight Savings Time--
ran out of natural light, but for better or worse you can see my face

More Quince & Co. yarn:  Lark in the Lichen colorway. have enough yarn left for an ear warmer.

Just for fun: Archival (vintage 2008) hallway selfie with bonus exploding head flash.

Creature from the Stash Lagoon

Sometimes I think my photos aren't very good at all, but when I see something like that mirror shot, I believe I can say I have made progress in five years.

Visit Tami's Amis to see what else made it off the hooks and needles this week. There are sure to be a few selfless in the mix.

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