Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP-ing and Driving

Yes, of course I know when my brother's birthday is. This year it's the day before Thanksgiving. The year he was born it was a day or two after, an early Christmas present. Siblings being what they are, I am sure we referred to him as the 6-pound turkey .

Absolutely Blue Absaroka

But, since I won't be seeing him on his birthday, but on Thanksgiving, I have plenty of time to finish this scarf, don't I? Even if I can't bake, cook and knit at the same time? Good thing I chose a pattern that doesn't need wet blocking to look finished, though. I ought to mention that the yarn was purchased to make him a scarf for the birthday he had about six years ago. Classic Elite Wool Bamboo. 

So, this year I am thankful for the yarn stash, and thankful for everyone who takes a look at my blog, and to Tami for hosting the fun that is WIP Wednesday. Also thankful for The Graphics Fairy website which is a trove of vintage images. They don't make them like this anymore. Alas.

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