Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP and Re-WIP

Time to bring this one up in the rotation. Really thought I was going to knit sock after sock after sock this summer. Hah! These have been on the needles since May. The syncopated stitch pattern with many twisted stitches demands a bit more concentration than I've been willing to render. The yarn is delicious, though, an unusual blend of 70% Corriedale wool and 25% nylon, and I'm looking forward to taking it up again. There is an almost silky feel to the fiber, and with the nylon content it should work up into a sturdy sock fabric. 

Pattern:  Ellington by Cookie A
Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Lina

Also working on re-knitting the scarf/neckwarmer that was frogged a while back. The bottleneck was steaming the kinks out of the yarn. Finally did that on Sunday afternoon; it was so hot and humid already I didn't think a bit more steam wasn't going to cause a fainting fit. I was right.

This is being knit side to side with a 180-stitch cast on. The good news is there are only about 40 rows to knit instead of the other way around. Hope to have this finished and the pattern ready to go in time for the FO Friday after next.

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  1. Casting on hundreds of stitches is always something that makes me drag my feet. Almost inevitably my yarn tail is about 15 stitches too short. Love Ellington - I might have to add some Cookie A socks to my summer rotation. I have two of her books but I've only knit a handful of patterns from them!