Friday, July 26, 2013


Gisela, a cocoknits design.
Habu Cotton Gima yarn.
Still summer, so this will be worn. Will have to be worn with a Zen attitude, however, because of the wonky stitches smack in the middle of the shoulders. I won't showcase them, but they are there. Washing and blocking didn't un-wonk them because they were misplaced in an attempt to fix a problem a few rows down. Wish I could pass them off as a design feature, but unless I doll it up with some odd embroidery or a crochet motif, it just is what it is: a postcard from Flaw City. 

Good thing I live in a town where wearing a clean tee shirt is the equivalent of the Downton Abbey crowd wearing their diamond tiaras.

If you have an interest in this pattern, order the updated seamless version which was released when I was just about finished with this.

To see some flawless projects, visit Tami's Amis and click through to some of the wonderful crafters taking part in Finished Object Friday.

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  1. I can't even tell there is any wonkiness from this distance. And if anyone gets close enough to tell, they need to be slapped. LOL!