Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Rivals

Sharks vs Jets. 

Red Sox vs. Yankees. 

Hatfields vs. McCoys. 

Hooks vs. Sticks? 

Sometimes it does seem like it's Crochet vs. Knitting.

I'm bi-craftual as to knitting and crochet, since I learned both crafts when I was fairly young and didn't understand the great divide. Since then I've met a few knitters who think of crocheters as fiber criminals trying to cover the world with chunky granny squares.

I've seen plenty of crochet patterns which are versions of popular knit scarf and shawl patterns or are designed to look like knits. And there are even some that come in two versions like this cute cardigan: Denise DeVoie's One If By Hook, Two If By Sticks 

But as I've viewed the "Top 20" ravelry patterns in the last couple of weeks, I've done a double take over patterns that look like crochet!

See if you agree:  Arcady Sweater, the Rachel Bag, the Sankaku Shawl. So maybe crochet isn't the complete underdog after all.

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