Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sucker for the Strange, 2

The Swatches


Single Crochet, 6 rows, 10 sts, 4''x5"

Stockinette, 20 sts, 10 rows, 8" x3"

Stockinette, 20 sts, 10 rows, 8"x3"
Held with Tilli Tomas Disco Lights (American Beauty)

and after a bath

From top to bottom:  6" 10" 12"

The Secret of the Yarn Habu N-91 Silk Crepe:  Overtwist, will pleat and crinkle as soon as it is washed.

This look like a case for knitting math! Designs to follow. Neckpieces will be easy. Garments? Your guess is as good as mine.

(The first post in this series is here.)

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