Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm A Sucker for the Strange, Episode 1

The Purchase: 400 yards Habu Textiles, N-91, Silk Crepe

Looks innocent enough.  Neutral.  Serene. A little bit rustic, a little bit Zen.  Nothing to get excited about. After all, it's Colorway 1 Beige.

Looks Innocent, But. . .

Yes, I have too much yarn.  Yes, I have several other projects on  the hooks and needles.  Yes, but I found this line in Habu's description irresistible:

Imagine a garment or neck piece, 
which pleats and tornadoes 
around your neck.

N-91. A yarn with secret powers which will be revealed in Episode 2, The Swatch.

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