Thursday, March 28, 2013


Knitting along with the Capriole mystery KAL.

Love the pattern. Pleasure to knit. Lace pattern is bold and suited to variegated yarn.

Love the yarn. Likewise a pleasure to knit.

But, do I like them together?
The White Patch

Wasn't crazy about the swatch.

Thought the things I didn't like about it would even out in the full-size knit.

What's so hard about putting it down and backing away?

Not like there isn't plenty of yarn to choose from here in Yarnytown. Not like plenty of books don't get tossed after 10 pages of reading here. 

Creamed Violets
So, what's so hard? 

The mystery is in my head, not in the pattern.

Is it like having to eat everything on the plate before you get up from the table even if it is stone-cold creamed spinach?

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