Monday, March 18, 2013

Equation of Doom

Innumeracy + Wishful Thinking = Lace Knitting Disaster.

How many times did I re-knit rows 3 through 5? More than once?  More than twice?  More than sanity could support? 

No matter how many times I counted, the actual 101 stitches always added up to the desired 102 stitches.  So why was the pattern off in Row 5?

What's that you say? A missing yarnover in Row 2? Oh. Okay. *Rip.  Re-Knit.* Repeat from * to * as many times as you can stand. 

Hm-m-m, still not right.  COuld the problem be in Row 1. Oh. Okay. Rip. Re-knit.

Bonus lameness points: the pattern is my own design. 

No alcohol was involved in this incident.  Not until after it was over.

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