Friday, February 13, 2015

Slo-Mo FO

Since the cold weather arrived here, a few months ago now, I've been opening the drawer where I keep cowls and small scarves expecting to find the cushy yellow one.

It hasn't been there, because, although I wound the yarn for it over a year ago, I never got around to knitting it. I have any number of yarn cakes sitting around and I don't expect to see the finished products, if I can even remember what they were meant to be.  But that yellow cowl kept playing hide and seek with my delusional reptile brain which acts as if once the yarn is wound the knitting deed is done.

The heaps of February snow, frigid temperatures, and gray skies have meant a lot of quiet inside time and an opportunity to knit and crochet.  A lot.

So now I have the cushy yellow cowl.  I wore it today.  Portable sunshine. Quince & Co. Osprey in Honey and Carrie's Yellow. My reptile brain is satisfied.

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