Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toolsday: Watch Out for Your Eyes

I've been using my new double-pointed needles this week. Made by Kollage, they are square with pointy tips that could take your eye out.

Kollage 5-inch DPN's US 0/2.0mm

On the plus size they are made of aluminum, so light you'll feel like the sly tailors in The Emperor's New Clothes sewing with invisible needles. They are easy to grip, and as promised, stitches are more even. In a pinch you could jam a couple of olives on them and use them as cocktail picks.

However, combined with the yarn I am using(sock yarn with high nylon content)the knitting is a real slipfest. I use DPN's frequently and prefer to put the stitches on three needles, but had to switch to four. I now wish I had bought the 6-inch size.
They are also extremely easy to misplace, in spite of the red color.

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