Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This WIP's On Fire

Watch out for your eyes again. This time it's the yarn, not the needles.

Rosie's Firestarter Socks from Novel Knits, socks inspired by the characters in Grounded The Seven, Book 1. There's a KAL over on ravelry.

Fun to knit. Lots of stockinette, but it's never boring because there is a simple stitch pattern over ten of the stitches, a Welsh heel, and a fitted arch.

I've finished the heel gussets and am ready to move on to the foot. I've been knitting them in tandem over two sets of DPN's.

My feet feel warm just looking at this yarn, and I'll be wearing them under my boots this winter.

You can see what others have in the works by following the links at Tami's Amis

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  1. I think my eyes are burning! But, you know, in a glorious way.