Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Well, I didn't start in time to knit myself a bat costume this year.

But, while I was curating my yarn collection. . .oh, who am I kidding. . .while I was sitting on top of a plastic bin trying to  keep the skeins from exploding before I could snap the cover shut I had the revelation that I could actually use the yarn and relieve the storage problem. 

The bin was full of funky hand spun yarns and I found two that were perfect for quick Halloween gifts for my sisters.

Skull-A-Tor Cowl

Pumpkinhead Cowl

Material Whirled "Skull Skein"

Using a huge S/19mm hook I worked 65 Foundation Single Crochet. Then I worked back and forth in rows, varying the stitches for each row.  I used sc, sl st, and sc-ch1-skip-next-st. When I was almost out of yarn I finished the row I was working on and crocheted the ends together. The finished infinity scarves are about 4" x 53" (10cm x  cm) and took about an hour each to complete.

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