Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesdays. Check out Tami's Amis blog for inspiration.

No shortage of WIP's around here. Took this one on vacation with me, but didn't knit a row. Picked it up again and progress is occurring. About halfway through now. About time--started this one in October.

I knit the scarf version of this design, which I eventually gave as a gift, but the yarn (Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona) is so luscious that I wanted the larger wrap.

This time I am knitting from one end to the other instead of knitting from both ends to the middle and grafting. I don't want any finishing to stand in the way of getting this on my back. The pattern blocks out to a graceful line of leaves.

I love knitspot patterns. They are all very clearly written, beautifully charted, and the stitch patterns are always quite rhythmic and pleasurable to knit.  

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