Thursday, May 2, 2013

Second TIme

is a charm. I hope.

Knit this design once before. After being one of my least favorite items to knit and assemble, the sweater turned out to be one of my most favorite items to wear. But had to embrace the wabi-sabi elements (mis-knit stitches, lumpy seams, mysterious yarn-overs). Artisanal, indeed. 

The pattern was a bit fiddly, but fine. The yarn (Habu Cotton Gima), though, had a mind of its own,and the seaming was a challenge, to say the least. Let's just say that white glue was involved in the finishing process.

First 30 rows of Gisela.

Seems to be going more smoothly this time. Wooden straight needles.  Scrutinizing every few rows for dropped or knit together stitches. Marked up pattern miraculously available from the last time for row counts. Knitting body in one piece, and sleeves in the round, to avoid some of the seaming.

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