Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kind of Blue?


Mood Indigo?

Hippo Who? 

Moebius Unblocked

Sometimes the names for a design comes first, sometimes it comes later. Sometimes the one I think of first--someone else already used it. 

Want this to be named for a song. Want it to be about midnight. But don't want some of the connotations. Most of them are dire.

Lady Midnight? 
Leonard Cohen = depressing

Midnight from the Inside Out?
Perfect for a moebius, but, dude, The Black Crowes? Psychedelic or just plain psycho?

Burning of the Midnight Lamp?
Love Jimi Hendrix, but no one wants a flammable wrap.

In the Middle of the Night?
Billy Joel. Need I say more?

Couple of other ideas brewing. Need to finish up the pattern, though. Come to think of it, need to go grab it from the soak and block it.

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