Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Flurry of Progress

What's that?  Only three weeks until Christmas? That means it time once again to play Beat the Christmas Clock.

I seem to find myself playing that game every year. Currently in progress:

1. Infinity Scarf for niece.

It's great when they get old enough to be specific: this item, this size, this color.

2. Potholders for hostess gifts:

Why, yes, they do look finished. They are, but my plan is to make a pair of red ones as well and the yarn is en route. Topflappen nach Oma's Muster is a terrific pattern for a last minute hostess gift or when you want to perk up your own supply without spending much in the way of time or money. The pattern is in German, but has lots of photos so it is very easy to decipher.

3. Hat for other niece. Since she is now a vegan I had to order some vegan-friendly acrylic yarn, since I didn't think a hat made from  the tough, scratchy tawashi acrylic I had on hand would be very nice to wear. She wants a beanie, so it should be quick to knit.

4. Striped Cowl for teacher. The only process that has occurred is that I have moved the yarn from the cabinet to the desk where the ball-winder is set up. 

Visit Tami's Amis WIP Wednesday post to see what else is in progress this week.

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