Friday, September 13, 2013

Lady Who? FO

Lady Mendl Crocheted Cowl
Lady Mendl (also known as Elsie de Wolfe), and the name of a new crochet pattern, free on ravelry. There are more pictures on the pattern page.

Inspiration comes from many places. I loved the stitch pattern for the crocheted cowl, and in trying to find a name, I concentrated on the color possibilities. I toyed with names like "Homecoming Queen" and "Choo-Choo, Rah-Rah" because I could see it being worked up in team colors and worn to a football game.

Then I started focusing on the overall shape of the stitches which looked like a lattice or a trellis. In looking at trellis images I came across a familiar name:  Elsie de Wolfe. Fascinating life, but one thing she did was introduce treillage as indoor decor. Married to a sir, she was also known as Lady Mendl.

She loved her accessories (and foofy dogs), and if these photos are any indication, she also loved bold patterns. 

Good dressing is largely a question of detail 
and accessories   
 --Elsie de Wolfe.

Lady Mendl Kicks Up Her Heels

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