Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today is Tools-day

From time to time I post about tools that I find useful for crafting--tools not limited to gizmos and gadgets for crafting, but including materials, websites, books, magazines, tutorials, and apps that I come across and enjoy using. From now on, I'll do it on "Tools-day."

My crafting these days consists of crocheting and knitting, but once in a blue moon I want to go back to kindergarten and create a pile of paper schnitzel for cards, signs, or gift tags.

Enter: The Graphics Fairy. Vintage image overload and crafty decor. I won't be printing up a matched set of Halloween tea towels any time soon, but if I wanted to, I could get the images from TGF's Halloween round-up.

The Graphics Fairy Halloween

If you don't like Halloween, choose 
your theme or season. 

There are 40,000 images to choose from.

Inspiring? Maybe.

Fun? Yes.

Time Suck Extraordinaire? Definitely.

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