Friday, March 6, 2015

FO At Last

It may not be as old as the "oldest original permanent floating crap game in New York," but this sweater has been on and off the needles for over two years.  I love the yarn, love the color, love the pattern, so why the delay?

Caissa by Anne Hanson of knitspot

Why, distractibility, of course. Falling for the lure of the quick, the small, the new.

This, of course, is the downside of the internet:  access to a steady stream of new patterns, new designers, new yarns.  Novelty has snatched the time that in the olden days of a few years ago I spent leafing through magazines, thinking, planning, going to the yarn store, paging through books of patterns, choosing, sitting with one, maybe two, projects, and finishing them.

Now I feel like Gargantua, stuffed to the gills with yarn, patterns, tools, books, and finished projects that, unlike this sweater, are sometimes just not all that satisfying.  Time for a reboot.  Or a yard sale.

As for distractibility, I am afraid that after completing the seaming of the sweater I noticed that I had sewn the sleeve to the armhole inside out and had to  pull out the seams on the sleeve, part of the body, and the entire armhole and resew.

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