Friday, December 12, 2014

The Clock Ticks

and the year winds down through the days which are shorter and shorter.  It's arbitrary, I know, but the year-round calendar of holidays, holy days, schools days and vacations was etched into my internal clock early on, and the dwindling light of December is impossible to ignore.

I've  a mere three items that I hope to finish by year-end: a scarf, a sweater, and a pair of mitts.  Let's not count the three or four (or more) things that are hidden in bags inside of cabinets inside of closets because although it's not quite "out of sight out of mind," it is "what I don't see can't spoil my fun." At least in the short run.

I did finish a pair of socks, men's size 11, this week.  Thank you, Opal, for producing the 8-fach XL that knits up in a flash. Even for giant socks the cast on is only 48 stitches, and I used a nothing fancy, practical K3 P1 rib for the leg and the instep.  These aren't the most glamorous socks in the drawer, but they will last for a really long time.  Unfortunately, the grim gray weather is also lasting for a really long time and the lighting around here isn't the best.

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