Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hazy Shades of Winter in Progress

The sun is elusive these days, and we are hunkering down once again for Arctic weather.

That's a concrete toad,
not a lump of dirt.

Good weather for knitting and progress is occurring on several projects.

1.  Biggie Cowl

Cabled center complete. Working on
welted border.

This is going to be huge, and will look great, but I am not thrilled with the actual knitting. The microfiber/acrylic is hard on the hands, especially when doubled, but it's for the Vegan Niece, so no animal fibers allowed;)

2.  Ysolda's Mystery KAL: Follow Your Arrow

No real spoiler here, but
you can see more here.

This is an extremely fun KAL. Five clues, each clue has two options, and you can do single color or multi-color. The knitting includes stockinette, garter stitch, simple lace motifs, and short rows. The group is very supportive and Ysolda has posted some very helpful videos.

I love the yarn that I am using:  Quince & Co. Tern a 70/30 wool/silk blend fingering yarn in the colorways Oyster and Barnacle.

3. Uma Sweater

Doesn't look much different from last Wednesday, except for having two thirds of an arm now.

Think I'm on track to finish the cowl and sweater by the end of January. The KAL extends into February.

To see some other work in progress, visit Tami's Amis.


  1. I can't work with anything that doesn't have a high percent of animal fiber. Just too hard on my wrists and hands. And that makes me wonder, what is it that makes it hurt? Is it the lack of spring in the fiber? I also hate the plasticy feel of the acrylics, although the micro-fibers are better these days.

  2. I think it is the lack of spring--it's like beating your hand on a plank:) The Berocco Chunky is microfiber and acrylic, so the overall feel isn't bad, but it just doesn't have the resilience. I think I will have to sew stuff for the Vegan Niece instead of knitting:)