Monday, April 1, 2013


Any pursuit can be a text of revelation. Especially, it seems, a Mystery Knitalong.

Revelaltion, for the most part,of every bad habit of mind one possesses.

Wishful thinking, indolence, overanalyzing, thought-induced blindness, distraction, procrastination, and giving free rein to the chattering monkeys of mindlessness.

Step 1. Knit a swatch.

Solid Citizen

Step 2.  Knit Clue One

Going Rogue

Step 3. Notice nothing. Keep on knitting.

Step 4. Experience The Duh! For bonus points, identify the error of my ways;) Probably much faster that I did.

Yeah, that smooth triple increase in the swatch is K, YO, K. The extra holes along the spine in the actual shawl? YO, K, YO.

Inadvertently reverted to correctness after Row 17. Did wonder why the neck edge didn't snug around my neck as the designer described it; did wonder why the neck edge was more of a scalloped Dracula collar. What the heck, that's what blocking's for, right? Just keep knitting.

For the record, the pattern Capriole is lovely, the charts are clear and perfectly accurate. This is a pure case of the chattering monkeys gaining control of the pointy sticks.

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