Friday, November 1, 2013

The FIre Is Quenched FO

Finished the Rosie's Firestarter Socks. There was a bit of pooling over the instep and gusset, but what's a little pooling when the socks are so fiery. This picture was taken on a very overcast day and you can see how bright they are. Not in focus, but bright:)

I love the fit of these socks, and will surely knit them again, most likely with a more subdued color. They feature a simple lace pattern down the outer side of each sock, a Welsh heel, and a fitted arch. Enough to be interesting but not so complicated that you have to focus on directions or charts every moment.

I've already started the next socks from Novel Socks, Izzy's Bouncing Blues. Heather Ordover had the clever idea to supplement her book Grounded with an e-book of sock patterns inspired by the seven main characters. One pattern is released every two or three weeks.

To be inspired by other finished items, take a look at Tami's Amis. It's not just knitting and crocheting. One of my favorite projects didn't involve yarn at all, only found objects. See it here.

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