Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Woolly Wormhead designs beautiful, flattering, architechtural, whimsical, and charming hats for all ages and sizes. I've followed her blog for years, and knit several of her patterns. She is a meticulous designer, her patterns are detailed, her tutorials clear.

Hatopia: 10 great hats for a great cause.
Woolly also blogs about her life in Mutonia/The Yard, a community of artists and crafts people and their families in Italy, and I have really enjoyed a view into a creative life that is so different from my own.

While applauded and enjoyed by the wider community, they have some opposition and are raising funds to mount a legal defense against attempts to evict them from grounds they have legally occupied for years.

Hatopia is a limited edition of ten hat patterns. You can see all the designs and find out more about the project on Woolly Wormhead's blog.

Knit a hat, buy a pattern, spread the word, send a message, visit the ravelry group. 

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